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Waypoint Shooting School provides complete firearms education for all levels of students, from prospective gun owners to experienced shooters. We prioritize safety, confidence, and proficiency. Students will receive effective instruction and techniques to self-diagnose and identify areas of improvement. Those that are eager to learn more will receive personal guidance as they seek to expand their knowledge and skills. 

Through use of interactive training, a comprehensive curriculum, and a professional yet friendly environment, we strive to offer you the most effective learning experience.

S4: Sport Specific Shooting Skills


S4: Sport Specific Shooting Skills


Date:  July 29, 2018
Time: 10am - 6pm
Location: 1500 Alliance Road Deerfield, OH 44111

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Gain the competitive advantage by improving your skills in following areas.

  • Technical shooting 
  • Spatial awareness
  • High speed marksmanship
  • Efficient movement
  • Stage planning / visualization
  • Practice and training modalities

Challenging courses of fire will expose weaknesses in your shooting skill-set. This is an application style course. It is expected that you already posses a solid level of technical shooting ability gained through our other course offers or through another reputable school or shooting league.

Students will be actively involved in the learning process, testing the techniques they learn through various exercises and assessments. Students will be given methods of self-diagnosis to increase capabilities. Receive one-on-one coaching and performance tracking data to help prioritize areas of improvement for every skill level.

Student Requirements: Must be able to understand and apply firearms safety concepts.  Active membership or prior experience in formal shooting disciplines such as USPSA, Multi-gun, IDPA, Steel Challenge etc is required.  Must best able to have full confidence in the skills listed below.

  • Drawing from the holster
  • Marksmanship 
  • Mechanics (reloads, malfunction clearances)
  • Moving safely with a gun according to 180 degree rule.
  • Common range commands