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Waypoint Shooting School provides complete firearms education for all levels of students, from prospective gun owners to experienced shooters. We prioritize safety, confidence, and proficiency. Students will receive effective instruction and techniques to self-diagnose and identify areas of improvement. Those that are eager to learn more will receive personal guidance as they seek to expand their knowledge and skills. 

Through use of interactive training, a comprehensive curriculum, and a professional yet friendly environment, we strive to offer you the most effective learning experience.


Skills challenge and tips

Fun and valuable shooting drills with tips on how to perform better.Post your runs on Facebook, Youtube, or Instagram and tag Waypoint Shooting!


"Traingle" Challenge Live!

Move quickly and with control for this month's shooting challenge. 

Enter and exit your shooting positions while being aware of your footwork and then switch your focus to the shooting. Maintain safe handling habits at all time.

Target: Steel target that is USPSA B/C size or smaller. 

Distance: One position at 15 yards, two positions at 10 yards

Scoring: Must make two hits from each position. If you miss you must makeup shot before proceeding. Fastest clean run wins.

Make sure you understand how to apply the firearms safety rules before shooting this drill. Maintain muzzle and trigger discipline at all times. Know your shooting ranges policies and procedures before shooting this drill.

Previous shooting challenges and tips

Adjust your rate of fire appropriately while shooting the "Accelerator" drill for this month's skills challenge. You must also know your rifles zero and close range mechanical offset precisely for success.

Scoring: Total time plus penalties
Targets: USPSA Metric
Distance: 5 yards, 10 yards, 20 yards
Start Position: Low ready, optic out of FOV and no check weld.

Procedure: On buzzer engage each target with 2 shots to the body A-zone then 1 shot to the head A-zone. Engage targets near to far.

Penalties: Only one Bravo zone hit is allowed for the whole drill. That B-Zone hit adds +1 second to total time. Any miss is no-go. Not starting with rifle on safe is a no-go.

Shooting Challenge.

To the point tips.

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